Faculty: Economics, Busines and Humanities
Study Program: D4 Hospitality Management
Operations: on August 2018
Accreditation: National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT)
Decree number: 2102/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/Dipl-IV/VII/2018
Website: d4mp.undhirabali.ac.id/
E-mail: d4mp@undhira.ac.id

Exemplary and excellent Study Program in Hospitality

Organize the higher education in the field of Hospitality Management which competent, professional, insightful, and skilled of science and fulfill skill of standard competency in the field of hospitality

The study program of D-IV Hospitality Management in a group of Profession and Applied Sciences tourism who create graduates bachelor’s degree in applied tourism in brief as S.Tr.Par.
Graduates of the D-IV Hospitality Management study program from Undhira Bali have excellence and uniqueness in their curriculum which the competency-based on the Indonesia National Qualification Framework and ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework where the process of education and teaching, research, and then community service emphasizes not only the competence of hard skills but also soft skills. Both competencies are holistic education of 7 (seven) Characters Undhira Bali which are self-confidence, integrity, pluralism, entrepreneurship, servant leadership, professionalism , and globally.