Study Program: English Literature
Faculty Economics, Business and Humanities

First Operation: July 2011
Accreditation: B
Accreditation Number: BAN-PT No. 7422/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/XI/2020


A study program that produces exemplary and excellent graduates in the field of English Language and Literature to support tourism sector in 2030.


  1. To organize educational programs in the fields of Linguistics, Literature, and English to produce confident graduates, have integrity, and professional, as well as capable of creating independent jobs, be able to compete in the job market and be able to continue their education to a higher level.
  2. To provide the best learning experience through innovative learning and teaching and broadening students’ knowledge of Language and Literature
  3. To prepare students for careers in various fields related to tourism, translation, communication, business, and education.
  4. To disseminate research results through publications, review actions and application of science and technology to the community, and develop sensitivity to the environment through community service activities.

Graduate Profile

  1. Hospitality-Tourism Sector
  2. Translator
  3. English Language Instructors and Educational Business
  4. Public Speaker
  5. English Writer and Communicator