Study Program: Family Welfare Vocational Education
Faculty Economics, Business and Humanities
First Operation: July 2011
Accreditation: Ban PT Accredited
Accreditation Decree Number: 0458/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/I/2017
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    • Vision
      Being a Family Welfare Education Study Program that produces Exemplary, Excellent Graduates, and Entrepreneurial Spirits in 2024.
      (Exemplary: being a role model in DUDI, family and society)
      (Excellent: graduates who have careers according to profiles, exceeding standards)
      (Entrepreneurial spirit: having entrepreneurial characteristics)
    • Mission
      1)   Organizing higher education in the field of family welfare education with character, mastery of science, technology and art as well as quality pedagogic skills that meet educational competencies.
      2) Organizing Teacher Education to meet the needs of the Tourism and Hospitality Vocational School teachers (Culinary Services, Food Service, Housekeeping and Front Office) in accordance with the latest developments in their fields.
      3) Fulfilling the needs of a competent/professional industry in their field.
      4) Organizing education in accordance with the development of science and technology in the field of entrepreneurship.
      5) Conducting research and community service in the fields of family welfare education, catering, tourism, and entrepreneurship.
    • Objectives
      1)   Producing qualified and competent graduates in the field of tourism education, hospitality (Culinary Services, Food Management, Housekeeping and Front Office) academically and practically.
      2) Producing qualified and competent graduates in the field of tourism and hospitality (Culinary Services, Meals, Housekeeping and Front Office)
      3)  Producing graduates who have the ability in the field of entrepreneurship.


  1. Graduate Profile
No Graduate Profile Description of Graduate Profile
GP1 Teachers or Education Personnel in Vocational High Schools As teachers or education personnel who are professional in the application of science and technology and have the skills and abilities in managing learning.

Able to apply learning design models and carry out good and appropriate planning in the teaching process.

Able to develop knowledge in accordance with the times.

GP2 Culinary and Hospitality Practitioner


Responsible for carrying out operations in the tourism sector, both in the field of hospitality, catering, in achieving departmental goals and targets that have been set by setting strategic department goals and managing resources, planning, executing, and evaluating activities within the department which lead it.
GP3 Entrepreneur


Create, plan, execute, market, and control new innovative and creative businesses as entrepreneurs in the culinary field, dare to take calculated and systematic business risks independently or through partnerships, and take full responsibility for the business being carried out.