Informatics Engineering

Faculty name:  Health, Science, and Technology.
Study program: Informatics Engineering
First-time operation: July 2011
Accreditation: accredited BAN-PT
No. SK accreditation: 1363/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/V/2017


By the year 2030, to become a study program that is excellent in academic productivity, research, and innovation in the field of informatics so as to produce graduates who are exemplary human resources who are tough, intelligent, skilled, and love supporting tourism.


  1.   Implementing a learning process based on excellence in research and innovation in the field of informatics engineering with an interdisciplinary approach based on values ​​at seven Characters of Dhyana Pura University.
  2.    Carrying out research based on excellence in research and innovation to increase the number and quality of research by following developments in the field of informatics engineering, especially in supporting tourism.
  3. Carrying out community service in the field of contextual and participatory informatics in supporting tourism.
  4.   Developing a study program as a center for the formation of a complete human being who is academically, professionally, behaviorally and spiritually qualified.
  5.   Creating and developing the synergy of the academic community of the study program towards teaching, research and community service in the spirit of service with various parties, both at home and abroad.

Table 1. Graduate Profile and Description

Code Graduate Profile (GP) Description of Graduate Profile
GP1 Professional IT Engineer Expected to be graduates who can develop information technology-based systems/applications in both general and specific fields, or technical personnel in performing analysis of information technology needs.
GP2 IT Project Manager / IT Consultant (Information Technology Project Manager or Consultant) Expected to be a graduate who can manage information technology projects in application in various fields, or technical personnel who provide input or direction in the management of information technology.
GP3 Scientist/Academician (Researcher or Academician) Expected to become graduates who can study various problems and informatics science through research and publication of research results, and can be used as learning materials for students and the community, so that graduates are also expected to continue to higher education levels.
GP4 Technopreneur (Technology Entrepreneur) Expected to be a graduate who can create and develop an independent business based on information technology (informatics) that has an impact on the welfare of the community.