The Meaning of Symbol

Dhyana Pura University’s logo

Dhyana Pura University’s logo are the manifest of University names of UNDHIRA, which portrays human figures in meditation.

  1. The symbols have philosophy meaning, which are
    • The three connected heads representing three components of human-mind, which are left brain for knowledge, skill, ratio, the central brain for spiritual, and then the right brain for ethics, morals, and art.
    • People who meditate representing the self-reflection for self-introspection.
    • The outer circle representing human life in the world, which is, need in each other.
  1. The overall symbols containing the meaning of introspection of human beings, thereby, people can think and act by science, technology, art, and culture based on ethics and morals.
  2. Composition of blue and white symbols representing the relation of the universe and human diversity.