Nutrition and Food Science

Faculty                       : Health, Science and Tehnology
Study program          : Nutrition and Food Science
Premier operation     : on July 2011
Accreditation             : accredited by LAM-PTKes
Decree number          : 0872/LAM-PTKes/Akr/Sar/X/2016
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Nutrition is defined as a branch of science that learns about the analogy of food and the health of the body that outcome by the food is eaten and factors that influence it. The impact of globalization demands reliable and professional nutrition and responsive to anticipate the development of nutrition problems both national or international



To become an excellent study program in generating a character, professional, intelligent, and innovative human resources in the field of nutrition.


  1. To organize academic and professional education in the field of nutrition to create graduates who are professional, devoted to Almighty God, intelligent and noble.
  2. To conduct research and scientific publications in the field of nutrition education for the benefit of learning and science.
  3. To organize community service and collaborating with stakeholders in the development of nutrition.
  4. To become a professional partner with national and international communities in the field of nutrition.
  5. To become a center of study in the field of nutrition.


  1. To create graduates who have knowledge and skills in education of nutrition science.
  2. To create graduates who can apply strategies, actions and learning methods of nutrition.
  3. To create graduates who can solve the problems nutrition education.
  4. To create scientific research papers and scientific publications in the field of nutrition.
  5. To assist the community and government in community service activities.
  6. To collaborate with stakeholders in implementing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education.


Starting from the Academic Year 2011/2012, educational programs are opened:

  1. Regular (track A) graduates from high school / vocational high school
  2. Cross majors (track B) from graduates of the D3 Nutrition program


Educational objectives will be achieved through several integral teaching and learning methods, which are:

  1. On line dan Offline
  2. Tutorial
  3. Practice exercises in the laboratory
  4. Seminar
  5. Independent study
  6. Literature study
  7. Practicing field learning in the Nutrition Program Implementing Agency Unit.


  1. Lecture room, library, and simulation room.
  2. OHP, LCD Projector, Slide Projector & Audiovisual.
  3. Field Study Practices in village communities, health centers and hospitals.
  4. Laboratory of Basic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Culinary practices.


Prospective students of the Nutrition and Food Science study program are:

  1. Graduates of senior high school or vocational high school (Regular / Track A).
  2. D3 Nutrition / AKZI (Cross-major/ Track B).


  1. Primary graduates competency
    The determination of competence is carried out by starting from the role and function of a nutritionist / nutritionist in the community with a nutrition service system in the promotional, preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects as well as referring to the aim of education, which are the primary competencies of bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science graduates.
  2. Supporting graduates competency
    The supporting competence of bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science graduates is that graduates can explain, study, plan, implement, monitor, evaluate, promote, research, apply, research results, update themselves properly the basics of nutrition and their relation to health and food, scientific development and technology following the needs of society in a system under the guidance of an expert or group of experts.
  3. Others/alternatives of graduates competency
    Other / alternatives competencies of graduates can collaborate with the community in developing science and technology as well as skills in the field of nutrition, participate in the welfare of the community’s economy with the latest science, technology and skills possessed by S1 Nutrition and Food Science graduates and become superior locally, nationally and internationally.