Faculty Name: Health, Science and Tehnology.
Study Program: Psychology

First Operation: July 2011
Accreditation: C
Accreditation Decree Number: 1139/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/IV/2017
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Bachelor level (S1) Study Program- Psychology of Dhyana Pura University

Profile of Dhyana Pura University Psychology Study Program

Psychology Study Program studies various aspects of mental processes and human behavior, both as individuals and social beings. The Psychology Study Program is held as a leading center which is beneficial for the development of quality professional human resources. Through its mission to conduct psychology education through competency-based learning system and processes so it generates bachelor of psychology who can compete with the working world and support the tourism industry in Bali and surroundings.

Graduate Professional Prospects

Graduates of the psychology study program can have careers in government, hospitals, HR consultants, private companies, formal and non-formal educational institutions, social institutions, psychology consulting institutions and non-government organizations, and many other fields.

Curriculum and Teaching Methods

The curriculum of the Psychology Study Program is compiled through a curriculum that can produce quality human resources (HR), ready to enter the community to seize various open job opportunities, especially in supporting tourism industry activities, where tourism is the main attraction of the island of the Gods, Bali.

The learning process offered is student-oriented, active learning through discussion, simulation, practice, and role-play.

Moreover, students are also encouraged to find out the reality in the field through the tasks required in most of the courses.

Study Load

To obtain a bachelor’s degree students must complete a minimum of 147sks, including 6 thesis credits, which in total can be taken in approximately 4 years (8-14 semesters) with an S.Psi degree.