System Information

Faculty name:  Health, Science, and Technology.
Study program: System Information
First-time operation: July 2011
Accreditation: accredited BAN-PT
No. SK accreditation: : 5396/SK/BAN-PT/AK-PPJ/S/IX/2020

The development of Computer and Information Technology in the last decade is very rapid, this can be seen from the use of multimedia and internet technology in various business activities, government, education, health, and various other activities. It also further strengthens the role of Information Systems as a vital part of the organization/company as one of the means in the development of organizations/companies.

Dhyana Pura University Information System Study Program is present to answer these challenges and needs. The Information of System Study Program is expected to produce graduates who master the development and utilization of information technology in an organization. Therefore, we provide opportunities for the best high school graduates to get education and expertise in information systems at the undergraduate level.


The curriculum in DHYANA Pura University’s SI Study Program is designed to provide science students in the application of Information Technology in an organization/company so that it is built on 3 (three) fields which are computer, management, and business. It is expected that by having competence in these three fields graduates of the SI Study Program can design and implement Information System/Information Technology that suits the needs of the organization/company.

Study Time

Bachelor’s degree in Information System Study Program of Dhyana Pura University includes 145 SKS courses that can be completed within the normal time for 4 years and are very likely to be completed more quickly depending on student achievement. Students are entitled to a Bachelor’s degree after obtaining a minimum of 145 credits, graduating from all compulsory courses, and taking final assignments.

Graduates carrier: 

Looking the rapid development of the tourism business in Bali, it is certainly needed for professionals in their field so that this business can be managed properly, no exception of professionals in the field of IT, where IT is now a vital part of an organization/company especially in terms of the application of Information System, even arguably the development of an organization/company can be seen from how good they are in the application of information technology, especially Information System in the organization/company.

Graduates of the Information Systems study program have the opportunity to contribute to filling these needs, namely to work in various national and multinational companies engaged in:

  • IT Consultant
  • Hospitality and villas
  • Travel
  • Banking
  • Software Development
  • Education is a college (by continuing to higher education (S2) at home and abroad)
  • Government Agencies.
  • Job opportunities and positions that can be occupied:
  • System analyst
  • IT manager
  • IT consultant
  • IT auditors
  • Web developer
  • Database administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Software engineer
  • Interak2tif CD-ROM/DVD developer
  • Animators: advertising, computer games, production houses, TVs
  • Graphic Designer