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7 Character Undhira


Dhyana Pura University has a set of values called the Seven Characters of UNDHIRA to be applied as a basis for thought, words, and action in all program planned by each academic communities, which are:

  1. Self-confidence: Developing individual self-confident.
  2. Integrity: Educating individuals who have integrity such as thoughts, words, and actions are harmonious, honest, and based on the fear of God.
  3. Pluralism: Having the tolerance and mutual respect for diversity and pluralism in society, as well as being able to work cooperatively in heterogeneous communities.
  4. Intra-entrepreneurship: Developing the spirit of entrepreneurship and self-motivation to increase the quality of life.
  5. Servant Leadership: Creating leaders with attitudes, spirit, and the principle of servitude for all mankind.
  6. Professionalism: Educating individuals who have mental attitudes, behaviors, perspectives that reflect proficiency, highly competent, and highly enlightenment in their program; supported by the broad insight and the collaboration of communication ability, and compete with confidence and integrity.
  7. Globally: Creating individual who have interaction and global mobility to enhance individuals’ competitiveness in national and international.